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This album is a love letter to all my bandmates, past and present.



released August 31, 2010

Dan Taylor
James Moats
Grant Henry
Kevin Lawrence

Jason Cox
Ryan Stern
Dan Behrens
Julian Martlew
Pledger Fretwell
George Nowik

per-song lineups listed on each song page

Art concept by Olivia Bergman

Everyone engineered themselves
Dan mixed and otherwise produced
Grant mastered
The Internet facilitated all




Yes, Mayhem

An internet collaborative cooperative.

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Track Name: Release
i can't see
idle eyes can deceive
it's not until you're lost that you can truly start to see
i believe and i reach

inside of me
views are contradicting
i'm not sure what i believe
i'm ready for release

keep it packed away inside of me
i've got to try and save this waning energy
just deny inside the riot's raging
just try not to run away

silent movies
the academy
red carpet laid down
fly by

i like the way today that i am feeling
drink away the gray that leaves me reeling
just deny the why and then release
forget about yesterday
Track Name: Naked Fight
You came by this morning
and were scaring the children

Tried to slip one by me
and opened the door for this
Don't bring Jehovah
to a naked fight

Your message of hope
is lost on the hopeful

You got me out of the water
and I won't bring a towel
Don't bring Jehovah
to a naked fight

Witness this while I
swing in so many ways
Witness this while I
am whisking you away

Why take the time away
Sunny Saturday
To walk around talking
To those you can not save
In any way

We have gotten off tract
Let's just take a step back
You can't bring Jehovah
to a
Track Name: Neatomatter
this is where i come to think about things
this is how i come to find things to think about

that's why i'm here tonight
i need to think

it's like you turn around and everything has changed

that's why i'm here tonight
i need to think i'm in a bad way here

and that's it
it's what i can't figure out
cuz life's grand

and now i think
that i think too much about the things that don't matter

that's why i'm here tonight
i need to matter
i need to be something
Track Name: Corporate Rock
equitable investments
the mining of souls
thank you for the corner that i've backed myself into
it saved me from digging a hole

pork bellies
executive salaries
the masochist corral

it's the big round up and corporate branding
i think i need a pep talk

motivation and leadership
appreciation would do the trick
it just might keep me from going postal

and blowing you all away
it's just prison time
i think that i'm losing my mind
just look at me
it's not hard to believe
that i'm completely insane
Track Name: Reliable
It comes around again
Here you are one more time

A glutton
For my punishment
It's sadistic
Or is it

I can't keep them straight
Maybe it's both
Maybe both

Take care
Of yourself

But it was good,
You're right
For the most part
I know
It is a shame
It's such a waste

Don't go it alone
Don't stay home
Go be known

Just leave me alone
No hard feelings
Just leave me alone
Leave me alone
I can't take it

Take care of
Let me
Worry about
Track Name: Nine to Six
we'll walk in the blowing snow
pushing forward now our shoes are soaked
can't feel my extremities
still shaken by the scenery

feel no warmth from the sun
look around at everyone
try and talk my face is fixed

cold treated
nine to six
life for me

hands clasped sand between our toes
red ball rising now i'm good to go
up too early but it's worth it all
tidal times will always rise and fall

feel unstressed in the sun
escape the race was won
try and talk my tongue is thick

cold treated
nine to six
life for me

take only calculated risks
trust is often like a swinging fist
be so careful when you cross a friend
who may lack pity who may not forget
Track Name: Sunday Best
he puts on his sunday best
and walks around downtown
she thinks he needs some help
but he doesn't want help at all

i'm tired of this limp
this leg is not a good fit

she feels sorry for him
she doesn't want to see him cry again

i'm tired of this lisp
i want to get my speech fixed

he's got a job at the cinn-a-bon
where the pretty girls come
he likes the fact that they're not quite fat yet
from eating all of that shit
their moms will drop them off at the door
and come back at four

he's got a phat car
that he drives like a rock star

they're walking side by side down the aisle
just like the first time
this is the day that she's been waiting for

her parents are here
i haven't seen mine in years

now they're going to have a baby
and he's not quite ready for that
Track Name: Whore Shoes
We told them all the right and wrong
Soon they'll be on their own
To speak with voice all their own

Then you're absolved

It's a natural cycle - bipedal
Traffic backed up on a hill
While they struggle

Then it's resolved

Is it genetic
What makes us think it
Products of our up-
Bringing us down

I'm getting close
That only counts
Well, you know

For nothing at all

Is it genetic
What makes us think it
Products of our up-
Bringing us down

Now the time is drawing near
- It's not enough
Almost done with nonsense
- No, you're not
Maybe twenty years from now
- That's not even close
That's not even close

There's an old saying
I know you've heard it
Close only counts in
Whore shoes and hand grenades
Track Name: Victim
on the floor wall to wall cold and hard idiot
it gets worse i know it does i know it will

dying inside money fucked empty gut idiot
palm trees white meat marinate

i must have missed something
i'm a lucky son of a gun

formaldehyde and flowers
the smoking section

i don't know the date and the time
i'm afraid of this state of mind

waiting to die cigarette kill the pain inside
rubber band gun let it fly say goodbye

fill the car with rain and sand
we're all going to disney land

formaldehyde and flowers
the smoking section

it's all the old aggression
touch a face and kick it in