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Our second collection of internet-based collaborative oddities. We're more comfortable with the process of being an internet band, and hopefully it shows. We're very proud of this and hope everyone enjoys it.

If there's a song you don't like, just wait, the next one is probably different.

Physical CD is OUT OF PRINT, so if you have one, it's a collector's item and extremely valuable probably on the imaginary black market for such things.


released March 20, 2012

James Moats: www.thejamesmachine.com
Grant Henry: www.stemage.com
Dan Taylor: www.chunkstyle.net
Kevin Lawrence

George Nowik
Chris Dlugosz: www.armcannon.com
Jason Cox: www.xocmusic.com
Pledger Fretwell
Matt Stewart

Dan originally wrote the music, but everyone made it their own
James wrote lyrics
Everyone recorded themselves
Dan mixed
Grant mastered
the internet facilitated all

Photography: April Taylor




Yes, Mayhem

An internet collaborative cooperative.

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Track Name: Made of Days
it's a long way to have to go
to complete a thought
we'll mull it over until the edges are round
but it seems our only hope

it's beautiful but it will gouge your eyes out
before the morning haze burns away
there are some things at a price so high
you can never get as much as you pay

were throwing it away
it's a little secret
that the years are made of days

it's never what it seems to be
you only see what you want to see

coffee shops and record stores
sidewalk cafés and herbal healing
superficial is the only word that comes into my mind

it's never what it seems to be
just take a step back and you will see

this sudden clarity
brings hope of things that will someday be
this town is made of two-sided tape

well it is a stretch i know
running away won't change anything
this town is a two-edged blade
Track Name: The Grind
walked down an empty aisle try not to run
I don’t know, I just need a moment alone
adventures at the grocery store
taking every precaution
the natives gazing shiftily
intentions impossible to gauge
distract them with magazines
and fifty gallon sunny ds
I just made it out alive
super bowl parties organizing
just outside
the hungry eyes upon me
it’s just another fifty feet
don’t fumble the car keys
so much animosity
Track Name: Rain Thing
so many things from day to day
await the time you make
but weather dictates
it's game day awaiting rain delays

now it's coming down
to wash the wasted day
so we're counting down
the hours 'til monday morning

so many things accumulate
just pack them all away
save them for a sunny day
it's not funny it's trying to break me

now it's coming out
to wash away the gray
watch it coming now
to warm up the last moments of daylight
Track Name: Self Titled
now it’s a long shot
you know, it’s nothing special
we’re going out on a limb
I know it’s big talk
and I’m backing it up
with more talk
send your votes in

so I’ll line them up side by side
and obfuscate where I need to
so you’ll never recognize
the things we’re trying to get over

this is a short one
so just get to the point
the harmony makes it sound right

so I’ll line them up side by side
and round it off where I need to
hope you never pick up on
the subliminal

that’s right
we’re all down
that’s right

it’s not what you think
I’ve got my own ideas
just trying to keep this interesting

so I lined them up side by side
to see where the melody would take me
when I thought this up and threw the gauntlet down
successfully killed me an evening
Track Name: A Brief Dalliance
for a moment there it seemed I’d found
a hole that fit my head so well

what waits for me back home asleep
as we’re laying on the floor
not talking now, music’s too loud
and my conscience bangs on the door

it’s time to leave and it’s hard for me
but I knew it all along
I’m not meant for this a brief dalliance
if that’s what you’d call it

looking back on that
I felt alive
I felt revived
and there’s always that
time that was mine
and was mine alone
that can’t be bad
and at last

glad to see it was just a miscommunication
sentimental knee jerk reflex self-reflection
I called it right away
Track Name: One Headed Freak
I’m only going to say this once
its not a phase, there’s really no other way
to make it through each day
without at least disemboweling someone

just keep it locked away
they don’t make a bigger cage?
don’t stand too close
or it will tear off your face

come one, come all, queue up
to see the amazing one-headed freak

what made it this way
maybe radioactive waste
maybe drank pure rage
or the whore of Maybelline

don’t you get lonesome?
who validates your existence?

now we’ve found our way
right back to the start of the conversation

I’m only going to say
it once again it’s the only way
to make it through the day
without disemboweling you
Track Name: Checkinout
another year or two has made its way
past the goal tender and scored
you feel the same but know
it all has changed
while you were looking away

send the call out
to all your clever thoughts
achievements great and small
find your place

there was a time
when you held your fate
like a ladle full of possibilities
but crimson cynicism
is the brew you made

between the weather and cigarettes
it’s the face of a stranger,
older version of you
looking back at you
when you’re soul searching
in the bathroom mirror
don’t spend too much time
checking it out
you’re checking out

you’re breaking up

cracking up

it’s just your face
getting in your face
don’t close your eyes
don’t pretend to sleep